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Matt Cutts: Anticipate The Query To Better Control Titles In Google

Google’s Matt Cutts posted a video explaining why and when Google may use something other than your title tag for the search results title snippet.
Matt Cutts suggested that it is best for your to try to anticipate what the user will search for when crafting your title tags. When you do that and then when it matches the query, then Google will likely show your title tag.

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Keywords: Mat Cutts, Google, Title, tag

Google Maps App

Last week, Google quietly announced on Google+ a new feature within the driving directions of the Google Maps app.
So if traffic is building up on the route you are taking, Google Maps will keep checking and will notify you if there is a faster route as you are driving. This is like most new GPS devices that have built in traffic

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Keywords : Google Maps, App, Google GPS The Next Link Network Penalized By Google

Google’s head of search spam, Matt Cutts, publicly outed on Twitter another link network that Google has penalized. Matt Cutts’ new trend is the share a link from the marketing material of the link network and then add a word or two to say the opposite, that Google caught you.

Keywords : Google , Backlinks, Matt Cutts

Google Chrome Extension

OK Google: Give Me A Chrome Extension

Google announced a new Chrome extension that enables the “hotword” for searching Google without hands from your desktop – “OK Google.”
Yes, you can activate a Google search by saying “OK Google.” But only if you first navigate to Then, you can use the hotword.

Keywords : Google , Chrome, Chrome extension

Google Crawl

Google’s Matt Cutts: Why Google Use To Only Crawl 100 Links Per Page

Google’s Matt Cutts posted a video answering an old question :can Google crawl more than a 100 links on a specific page?
Of course they can. They said so in 2008 and there are plenty of sites with hundreds of links on a page that are not penalized by Google.
Google said they have no specific rule, but if the number of links you have on your page looks spammy, then Google reserves the right to take action.

Keywords : Google, crawl,link

Google Disavow Tool

8 Reasons To Use The Google Disavow Tool By Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts posted a video answering the question “Should I use the disavow tool even if there’s not a manual action on my site?”
The short answer is yes. But when?
Matt Cutts offers 8 times when to use the disavow tool.

Keywords : Google Disavow Tool, Matt Cutts

Dislike the Google AdWords interface

Dislike the Google AdWords interface?

Coco from the Google AdWords team posted in the Google AdWords Help forum that Google is looking for honest feedback on their Google AdWords interface. Coco said, “we would like to hear your ideas about how we can improve the AdWords interface. Our product team is collecting feedback about the product functionality of AdWords (e.g. buttons, notifications etc.).”

Keywords : Google AdWords interface

Google Maps Reviews

Google can’t count Maps Reviews

Spotted via Mike Blumenthal, it seems Google is having a hard time counting the number of reviews on a Google Maps listing.
One thread in the Google Business Help forum shows how this listing shows a summary and says there are 35 reviews. But if you add them up by counting all the reviews on the listing, you will count 62 reviews.

Keywords : Google, Maps Reviews

Google AdSense

Google AdSense CTR Dropping

There are dozens of threads at both Google AdSense Help and WebmasterWorld forums with publishers complaining about their CTR (click through rate) declining significantly in the past week or so. Some are saying this is having a huge impact on their earnings.

Keywords : Google AdSense, CTR Dropping

Google News Cheat

Google News Cheat: refreshing article titles

In 2009, Google News began reindexing and refreshing stories after they were initially indexed, to make sure to pick up on story corrections. This was a good thing.
But recently, there has been an uptick of abuse around this. One disgruntled Google News subscriber posted in the Google News Help forums that one site is refreshing their article titles several times a day in order to keep their stories up at the top of the Google News landing pages.

Keywords : Google News Cheat, landing pages